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Christopher Crocker is President and Trainer of Crocker Racing Stable Inc.
Crocker has developed a formula for maximizing profits and minimizing risk in thoroughbred horse racing. Crocker has implemented his strategies into a thoroughbred horse racing partnership. No where else will you find this comprehensive, fast track program to the winner's circle. Learn how you can get in on this unique program with little investment. No other program offers such a low risk program to the public.
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Introduction to Owning a Thoroughbred Race Horse.

Facts and Statistics

"One third of all thoroughbred foals bred for racing never start. More than half of those that do make it to the track, never win a single race."

What does a race horse cost?
Yearlings or young, unraced thoroughbreds are valued based on conformation and pedigree. A thoroughbred's pedigree is examined by looking at the parents and sibling's money earnings and type of races won or placed. A thoroughbred with an athletic, "straight", and well proportioned body and along with excellent pedigree will bring the highest price at sales.
Horses that are racing or older horses are valued based on past performances and their soundness, along with the ability to continue earning. A talented, sound horse with consistent performance may continue to earn money at a high level. A good claiming horse may continue to do well at a lower level, but may change owners often as the horse is bought and sold.

Thoroughbreds may be purchased from auctions, privately or claimed out of races. Prices can range from free to millions of dollars. Typically a claiming level race horse, racing in the mid-atlantic region, can be purchased for $5,000 to $40,000. These figures are based on Maryland claiming prices. Horses racing in allowance and stakes races, demand a higher price and most likely not for sale since they are often earning money and taking their owners to the winner's circle.

The industry today.
Thoroughbred racing in United States and Canada distributed almost a billion dollars in purses in recent years. The betting contributes to the purses, through a percentage of the handle (money bet). The total annual handle in North America is about $18 billion in the past few years. Purses have more than doubled in 15 years , but the number of races has declined. The average purse per race and the average earnings per horse has increased. So this means now one of the best times for owning racehorses ever!

Know the risks
Whether you are a sole owner or a partner, there are always risks involved. You must enter the game with a realistic expectation. The goal obviously is to win, but "you can't win them all" and "you got to lose some to win some". If you participate with a realistic and positive attitude then all you can do is have fun. When it no longer becomes fun, then you lose. The thing that happens to the inexperienced owner in this game is that they expect to have the next "super horse". Although this is possible, not probable. In this competitive sport of thoroughbred horse racing, if you get away with breaking even, then you have beaten the odds. It is your responsibility to understand that owning a race horse can be as much of a gamble, if not more, than placing a bet at the window. A horse racing partnership is an excellent low risk option for someone who wants to test the waters without a huge investment. The basis of a partnership is to minimize this risk and give an opportunity to everyone who in the past could only dreamed of owning race horses. In my opinion, there is nothing like being a part of a winning team and contributing to that success. Partnerships give "the little guy" a chance to participate in the the sport of kings, which I believe is the sport for everyone.

What does it all cost?

Training fees can range from $35 to over $100 per day depending on the region and track where stabled. The typical rate in Maryland is from $55 to $85 per day. This is the basic daily rate and does not include owner's license, horseshoes, transportation, veterinarian cost and race day expenses. The basic daily rate covers feed, sports supplements, boarding, cleaning stalls, stall bedding, worker's compensation insurance and other training cost. The trainer earns his money off of the 10% he earns from the horse's earnings.

Expenses, the partners may incur based on purse earnings.

Owners License $15-$350.00
Get the owner application here (Varies per state. MD, NJ, and NY are among the highest.)


Vet bills are definitely something that must be considered in cost. Each horse has his or her own needs to keep in the best condition as possible for racing. Pre-race medication administered by the vet may include therapeutic medications such as aspirin, bute, and lasix. Some horses may require respiratory medications for training as well. Horses are not allowed to run on these bronchial dilators or on antibiotics. These medications must be carefully administered and not abused by the trainer to ensure the horse's health.


Transporting horses is not cheap. Transportation typically is charged by the mile. In the years of 2006-2007, transportation ranged from $1.50 -$2.00 per loaded mile. Sometimes there is a flat rate from track to track.

Trainer’s Bonus From Purse Earnings

10% of all money earned by the horse(s).

Jockey Fees

According to the finish. Usually 10% for first, 5% for second through fifth, $65 for an unplaced mount

Barn Bonus

2% bonus for first through third to barn employees for a job well done. Divided between exercise riders, grooms and forman. (Crocker Racing Stable doesn't charge a barn bonus. It's up to the owner whether he or she chooses to give cash bonuses to barn employees)

Nomination and Entry Fees for Stakes Races

If your horse is fortunate to run in stakes races, then a nomination and entry fee are require to enter the race. Nomination fees vary from free to thousands of dollars.

Rates and commission fees vary per racing operation.

Types of Ownership


Partnerships are becoming very popular. Thoroughbred partnerships are designed to allow thoroughbred racing ownership opportunities to reach more people beyond the rich and famous. There is a program out there that is affordable to anyone. The best opportunities are claiming partnerships. Some partnerships require investors to buy into a yearling or a 2 year old that is unraced. This is a very risky program and usually is full of more hopes and dreams than actual reality. Beware of programs which require a large initial capital investment with an unproven horse. Crocker Racing Stable Inc. has created the most comprehensive, straight forward plan for making money in a thoroughbred partnership with minimal risk of loss and huge potential for success. Click here to learn more

Sole Ownership

A single investor who may own one or many horses and is responsible for all expenses. Many owners are very successful. These owners are usually very knowledgeable of the business and employ trainers who work closely with them to make careful decisions regarding profitable racing strategies. A good owner and trainer relationship is a must, as with any successful business.

Investment Groups and Corporate Ownership.

Sometimes companies are formed to buy, sell, trade and race thoroughbred horses. These entities are very similar to the partnerships. Basically partnerships may be incorporated and taxed as a business entity or partners can be taxed as sole proprietors if they choose not to operate under a Legal Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation.

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